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100% organic cotton womens tshirt printed with 'eat like a bird' on the front in black ink, made by chickadee co.
100% organic cotton tshirt in a light aqua color.  chickadee co. wellness tshirts.  womens tshirt laying flat on white boards showing the front of the tshirt printed with 'eat like a bird' and 'MORE berries, plants, seeds, nuts' on the back of the tshirt.  a small plate of healthy blueberries, cranberries, plants, nuts & seeds is shown.
chickadee co. wellness tshirts showing a closeup of the BACK of our 'eat like a bird' tee.  It says MORE berries, plants, seeds, nuts.'  added real cranberries, blueberries, spinach, chives, sunflowers, pumpkin seeds, almonds & walnuts.

eat like a bird organic cotton tee

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MORE berries, plants, seeds & nuts.  the nutrients are plentiful when you choose to eat more like a bird, quite literally.

we're loving this super soft nest blue 100% organic tee that exemplifies our nature to eat more foods provided by the earth. 

100% organic cotton.