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our story

chickadee co. takes flight!


out of my love for simply designed, everyday-easy, word-wearing passions & intentions, i've designed my first few collections of chickadee co. wellness apparel.   

chickadee co. wellness apparel is meant to evoke a woman's desire to always be well.  & to flutter among different passions, thoughts, desires, intentions, responsibilities, activities, goals, and yet can be 'motherly' like a mother-bird to also care for her children and those around her on a daily basis.  we wear our intentions.  we encourage mindful whole food eating & we nourish our community.  not leaving the male birds out, there are plenty of dads & men out there with these same traits, which is why we try to offer a unisex version in some of our collections too.

be sure to read further below, where i 'dig a little deeper' into my personal wellness journey.  our ultimate goals are to inspire, encourage & nourish others with our words.

i've also been so blessed to share this business journey with my teenage daughter sarah ~ also known as my DEO {daughter executive officer}.  she pretty much guides me on social media & is always my 'final call' decision maker on designs that i simply can't choose.  she's grown up alongside our farmers market & pop-up events, inspired & venturing on a wellness path of her own now.  sarah is currently studying food science & nutrition at university, & is already researching nutrient density in various foods alongside her professors & doctors on the team, boosting, that good whole FOODS are MEDICINE.

to catch us in person, we love setting POP-UPS at our local farmers markets & other wellness related events & businesses ~ where the GOOD FOOD & nourishment of our community comes together, supporting each other locally.  

be sure to follow us on social media!  we love connecting with those sharing similar journeys in this life!

we truly appreciate your support as we take flight with this endeavor & we hope that you will join us & share our community with other chickadee friends around the globe.  

flutter well,

carrie & sarah

{care & sare}

when you dig a little deeper . . .

wellness truly is a journey & we're all at different stages of seeking wellness.

i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 20 years ago.  my mother was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic many years ago, plus hypothyroidism.  cancer then became a serious force in our family ~ taking the lives of my step-father, mother-in-law & father-in-law in a matter of a few years.  it quite simply, made me furious BUT ambitious.  ambitious to be better at being healthy NOW.

we don't necessarily know what created my family's diseases.  but if i could make every effort NOW to encourage wellness & make better FOOD choices for myself & my family, then i could live more days feeling WELL & put my heart at ease for doing the best i could for life longevity.

my mother is my inspiration.  after 10 years on her diabetic meds, she turned her habits around.  she fell in love with pickleball ~ playing 3 hours a day whenever she could & changed her food choices immensely, eating more functionally - for each food's benefit.  watching her become more ALIVE & WELL to keep up with my two young children was HERO-like!  considering gramma C was now the only grandparent to my kids, i've been smitten with her zest for living WELL to this day!

& i was tired of being tired.  hypothyroidism & major migraines were stealing my life away for a good 15 years.  i desperately wanted to feel better & have more strength to keep up with my children.  i chose to get stronger.  i chose to eat more functionally, like my mother.  & i chose to fall in love with club-like music again, which i LIVED for in my  20's & have now become an addicted indoor cycler.  

i feel healthier now & more ALIVE & WELL than i've felt in years! 

certainly NOT perfect.  but managing MY LIFE versus it managing me!

we're just hoping to spread a little nourishment with our words on tees. 

any wellness encouragement we can give you to reconsider your food choices or live more intentionally, will make us the happiest of little companies out there.