holiday spirit collection will be in the shop soon! stay tuned!

about us

chickadee co. takes flight! 

out of my love for simply designed, everyday-easy, word-wearing passions & intentions, i've designed my first few collections of chickadee co. apparel.

so far, i am most excited about our newest  B E A C H collection!  not to mention that working on a beach location is kinda soulfully sweet!  & now that my daughter is a teenager, she's getting more involved with our tee biz & she pretty much could take over any day now.  {wink wink} 

i've been designing our baseball teams' t-shirts and some of my own tees for years and i've always received rave reviews for keeping it simple.  i was constantly searching to wear certain words for certain days, certain moods & certain aspirations.  

chickadee co. apparel is meant to evoke a woman's desire to flutter among different passions, thoughts, desires, intentions, responsibilities, activities, goals, and yet can be 'motherly' like a mother-bird to also care for her children and those around her on a daily basis.  not leaving the male birds out, there are plenty of dads & men out there with these same traits, which is why we try to offer a unisex or men's version in some of our collections too.

up until now, we've offered short OPEN POP-UP DATES on our web shop.  but we're hoping to make a change here and grow into our website more consistently.  always evolving, we just go with the flow of biz & life blended together. 

be sure to follow us on social media!  we love connecting with those sharing similar journeys in this life!

we truly appreciate your support as we take flight with this endeavor & we hope that you'll join & share our community with other chickadee friends around the globe.

flutter well,

carrie & sarah

{care & sare}