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inspirational wellness t shirt with quote that says 'i am what i eat' text box quote, in white screen printed ink.  unisex, womens t shirt in lime green with box quote.  eat well t shirt.  fitness t shirt.  wellness apparel for women.  bright green t shirt relaxed.

i am what i eat super soft tshirt

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aha!  a wellness tshirt to hold us all personally accountable!

it's so easy to say 'you are what you eat', but speak for yourself right?  actions speak louder than words.  & aren't we truly a better role model if we 'walk the talk' by choosing to eat healthier ourselves every day?

maybe you'll choose to wear this tee on a day when you feel super strong about your food choices (you're on a roll with eating well), or maybe you need this tee on a day when you feel less apt to make the better food choice (ok, seriously munching on chips & fruit roll-ups thinking you're getting in your fruits & veggies is a 'lil like lyin' to yourself, right?). 

if you wear it, believe it & live by it.  'i am what i eat' is meant to encourage you & to keep you strong.  it is by no means meant to make you feel guilty or ever caught in the act.  you've got this!

soft & cozy, unisex style, lightweight & the color of a green apple.  no doubt you'll spend more time in the produce aisles or the farmers market than you ever have before.

60 polyester.  40 cotton

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