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food from dirt ~ 100% organic tee

food from dirt ~ 100% organic tee

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ohhh the irony.  how can something so dirty be so clean &  G O O D  for you?

do you eat clean? 

G O O D  C L E A N  E A T S?

which really just means you simply eat food from dirt & you're eliminating overly processed foods.  maybe you're striving to eat clean-er & make better food choices.  more whole foods grown in the ground.  more produce, fruits & veggies, herbs & sprouts.  more food sourced from local farmers, who nurture the soil with limited to no chemicals, to make it the most nutritious dirt for our food to grow well. 

seek more of a good thing.  seek foods from roots, from dirt, from local farmers & markets.  & you'll flourish from the benefits, from the inside out. 

truly . . . wear your intentions with this TEE!   & spread the radish love too!

our 100% ORGANIC COTTON TEE is a NEW unisex offering in this design! 

super soft & luxuriously cool & crisp.  

{unfortunately, the original tank has been discontinued in this print, so our organic tee in soil is the next best foodie's dream tee}

100 organic cotton.