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choose ORGANIC ringer tee
choose ORGANIC ringer tee

choose ORGANIC ringer tee

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whenever possible.  make your wisest, healthiest food choice.  the demand has been higher for more organic foods in recent years, which, to our benefit, has started to lower the cost of organic produce, meats, dairy & others.

whenever possible.  choose organic foods.  or at least, be very familiar with the 'dirty dozen' list & the 'clean' list of each years produce crops.  every little change for the better counts!

for your reference & reading. . .check out the 2022 list here

it's put out by the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization focused on better health guidelines for our families. 

this tee is a retro ringer. . .slightly sturdier & crisper for those that love to 'work' in the garden or forage a more strenuous day ahead wanting a little more weight to their tee.  still super soft, still super durable, still amazing wash after wash.

90 cot. 10 poly.